Follow our installation instructions properly and our product is warrantied forever, to whoever owns it. If damaged during use to the point of inoperability (which would amaze us), send it back and we’ll send you a new one no questions asked. To be fair to us, this does not include normal wear and tear to the finish, or a handful of excluded warranty items (see product details for more info). Common-sense goes a long ways here. If you want to return it un-used, expect a full and immediate refund. Period. We reserve the right to evaluate returns/refunds based on a given circumstance to be fair to use as well. Our level of customer service will be second to nobody however.


We stand behind our products, unequicocally. However we also realize that not every product is right for every person. If you buy something and decide you want to return it, we are happy to take back your new, unused item and give you a full refund. To be fair to Cloud Defensive, if the item is used or damaged in any way, we do reserve the right to deny a refund request. 

To initiate a warranty or refund request, simply use the form below and we’ll take care you of promptly.