Finally. A Weapon Light Trade-In Program!

Do you have an old weapon-mounted light? Do you want to upgrade it to a Cloud Defensive OWL, REIN or REIN Micro? (Complete Kit + Torrent Mount Combos only).

You are responsible for shipping your old trade into Cloud Defensive. By all means you are able to send it the cheapest way possible. And we will cover the shipping back to you for your new light.

Follow the process below and we’ll give you $100 off your purchase.


Some rules do exist but they are easy, fair and simple:

Each person can trade in 1 light for a single $100 dollar credit on a full-price Cloud Defensive REIN, REIN Micro or OWL.

There are three light options that you can purchase with the Trade-In Program:

  • The REIN Complete Kit PLUS Torrent (light+mount) combo. The Trade-In Program is NOT available for a stand-alone REIN light.
  • The REIN Micro Complete Kit PLUS Torrent (light+mount) combo. The Trade-In Program is NOT available for a stand-alone REIN Micro light.
  • An OWL.

NO, you can NOT use this program in conjunction with any lights on SALE.

NO, you can NOT use this program on BLEM lights.

NO, you can NOT use this program with any other discount code for the same product.

NO, you can NOT send multiple lights for more credit on one light.

You CAN use this program as many times as you want for as many lights as you want however. Each use must be a different submission with the form below.

There are NO requirements on what old light you have to send. If it can be mounted or retro-mounted to a weapon, it’s authorized. This is intentionally vague. Our goal here is to help you get a cost-effective Cloud Defensive product.

The light you are trading in can be broken or functional. That does not matter to us. We don’t care at all about the functional status of the trade-in units.

What are we doing with the Trade-In lights? Great question. They will never be sold. They will never be given to anybody else. We’ll properly dispose of them in batches. We ran this program for 2 weeks about 2 years ago. We received a large box full of lights. We discussed blowing them up for fun but ended up disposing of them instead. That said, we’re always looking for fun around here. We may end up detonating a bunch or doing something else unique with them. Because why not. If we do something fun, you’ll see it on social media. And we expect a large volume of lights coming in this time.


Step 1: Fill out the Trade-In Program form (below) and submit it.
Step 2: Upon submitting the form you will automatically be emailed instructions on where to ship your old light. Ship us the light. Be sure to check your spam and junk folders for this email!
Step 3: Upon receipt of the Trade-In light, we will email you a discount code for $100 dollars off the Cloud Defensive REIN, REIN Micro(Complete Kits + Torrent Mount ONLY) or OWL of your choice. You’ll get that email within 24 hours of us getting your package. In most cases, even faster. You will not wait for us here.
Step 4: Go to our web store HERE. Buy your light with your discount code. The code will only work on our web store.
Step 5: We’ll ship it to you, same-day shipping, assuming it’s in-stock. We’re fast like that.
Step 6: Enjoy! Post pictures and use #UpgradeToCloud