NeoMag Sentry Strap




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The Sentry strap is NeoMag’s solution to the issue that is sling staging.  True to NeoMag style, they used 2 powerful magnets inside the Sentry strap to hold your sling fast to your rifle. Deploying is simple; grab your sling, and tug. The sentry strap breaks away on its own. Fast and easy. That’s the way NeoMag likes it and that is what we like about it.

The minimum size the Sentry Strap will fit is roughly 1″ (a buffer tube). The maximum circumference is 8″ (2.6 Max Diameter). The Sentry Strap is secured with Velcro. The sling catch is secured with magnets and will fit anything from padded slings to webbing straps.

Strap Extensions allow the sentry strap to add 1-2 inches to the length of the strap. This allows it to work up to 11 inches


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