LCS Surefire® ST-07




If you prefer a Surefire weapon light, the LCS/ST-07 is the standard. This gives you the ability to hard-mount your ST-07 to your weapon while controlling loose cable as well. This combo assumes you already have the socketed tailcap however. If you need the socketed tailcap, you want the LCS/Surefire UE-07 combo.

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  • Designed for the Surefire® ST07 Remote Tape Switch for Weapon lights. The same tape switch that is often supplied with the Surefire Scout series. The ST07 Tape Switch fits: SureFire Weapon Lights with socketed tail cap assemblies, including Millennium Universal, Classic Universal, Scout Light fitted with socketed tail cap, X300 and X400 with XT tail cap assembly.


  • Unique Patent-Pending design utilizes a slot that ensures a snug, perfect friction-fit for the tape switch. Once installed its not coming out unless you want it to.
  • “Early Exit” feature allows the user to route the cable into the LCS and then exit the mount early if more cable slack is needed for your given setup.
  • 3-piece clamp design allows for perfect fit across all picatinny rails.
  • Proprietary Integrated Cable Channels (ICC) are integrated into both sides of the mount, giving the user the ability to control excess cable and making the mount ambidextrous and reversible. Channels can be used for other cable management as well (IR, et)
  • Full-length aluminum base allows for optimum tape switch engagement. No “give” in the tape switch when depressed makes for easier and more positive light engagement.
  • Shooter can fully use the entire length of the tape switch now.
  • The LCS Series Locks up 100% to your weapon. Zero movement. Zero play. Virtually indestructible.
  • Radiused/chamfered edges ensure comfort and ergonomic function.
  • 100% MADE IN THE USA


Surefire® Picatinny

  • WIDTH 1.19″
  • HEIGHT 0.303″
  • LENGTH 2.5″
  • WEIGHT 1.0 oz.

Surefire® M-LOK®

  • WIDTH 0.74″
  • HEIGHT 0.435″
  • LENGTH 2.5″
  • WEIGHT 0.7 oz.

Surefire® Keymod™

  • WIDTH 0.74″
  • HEIGHT 0.425″
  • LENGTH 3.62″
  • WEIGHT 0.7 oz.

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