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Most shooters prefer to only transport the ammo they need for a given day of training. And most shooters like to consolidate their mags with that ammo for the sake of convenience. Other solutions on the market did not allow for enough ammo to be carried and did not allow for mags to be consolidated along with it. Traditional ammo cans are too big to be put in a range bag. Molded plastic solutions are not flexible enough and existing options were too too small. So we developed the ATB to overcome those issues and give you as much range convenience as possible. Because we are shooters too. And we know this was needed.

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  • Handgun: 900 rounds of 9mm plus 5 mags – with loaded mags you are looking at 900 rounds+ of 9mm. Fits all handgun magazines.
  • Rifle: 300+ rounds of 5.56mm plus 3-4 mags (30 rds each) – easily 400 rounds of rifle ammo total if mags are loaded. Without mags, capacity is about 450-500 rounds


  • Made from 500D Cordura Nylon (water resistant) with 1/2″ closed-cell foam inserts. Does NOT absorb water.
  • #10 YKK Zippers offer incredible strength.


  • Fits inside range bag and backpacks. You can now carry a days worth of ammo (400-600 rounds ammo) INSIDE your bag. Meaning you only need to carry ONE bag to the range. No more loose boxes of ammo. No more ammo cans back and forth to the range.
  • Nothing sharp on the whole bag means it won’t risk tearing up leather seats or be hard on your vehicle in any way.
  • Overbuilt to handle and seams for years of use and abuse.
  • Integrated handgun magazine storage in the lid of the bag allows you to transport up to 5 full loaded, full size mags with mag extensions on top of the ammo you transport.
  • Slick sides so you can easily remove this from a bag without snagging other gear.
  • Hook/Loop material on the handle for name tapes or caliber tapes make identification easy.
  • Caliber-specific patches available as well for rapid contents identification.
  • Easily fit 2 of these into a backpack for an easy trip to the range.
  • Life-time Warranty



  • WIDTH 8.25″
  • HEIGHT 5.75″
  • DEPTH 6″


  • WIDTH 7.5″
  • HEIGHT 4.75″
  • DEPTH 5″

2 reviews for ATB

  1. 5 out of 5


    I have a couple of these as does my buddy. He got his last year when ordering his light. I got mine thought my lgs. Best way to transport ammo and mags easily. I shoot outside and in the rain. This works even there.

  2. 5 out of 5

    James Patrick Bryan

    Great product, quality made, and very useful, especially for a 3” handgun with many magazines. I would buy another one any day!

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