What a weapon light should be.

Your weapon light needs to be built around your gun and around your needs. Not the other way around. No more retro-fitting traditional lights to your gun. Bottom line: You should succeed because of your weapon light. Not in spite of it.



One of a kind, all in one design.

The Patented OWL has a list of features. Engineered and manufactured to make you better at your job.


No cables to snag. No remote switches to mount. One-piece solution.


Momentary and Constant-on capability. With a proprietary electrical system, OWL has both features in the same pressure switch.


Field-serviceable lens and Tool-free design. You can mount the OWL with the tool built into the tail-cap. And the same tool allows you to change your lens if need be.

Quick disconnect head and tail.

Quick Disconnect head and tail. Using our patented lug system, there are no threaded components on the OWL. A few degrees of rotation disconnects the head or tail. Fast and intuitive.

Optimized Weapon Light Quick Disconnect Head and Tail

Integrated tool built into the tail cap.

Nobody likes to carry tools around. So we built the mounting tool into the tail-cap. And ensured that “hand-tight” with that tool is the perfect amount of torque to secure the OWL to your weapon.

Optimized Weapon Light Integrated Tool

Unmatched versatility.

Reversible and ambidextrous are two different things. OWL Has both.


Regardless of your dominant hand, OWL is designed to work well for weak/transition side shooting. The full length of the switch is usable precisely for that reason.


Right handed or left-handed, OWL has you covered. The head and tail cap simply reverse and you can mount it on the other side of the weapon. Perfect for you. Perfect for law enforcement and military applications as well.



Candela. It's useable light.​

The conversation has changed. The industry talks lumens. Professionals talk candela. It determines your success. To be honest, lumen numbers just get thrown around to sell things. When you focus and concentrate your lumens, you get candela.


Raw light at the emitter. Think of Lumens as the potential for performance. But without proper focus, raw lumens are virtually unusable in a weapon application.


Light on the target. Candela is a function of your lumens being focused and put down-range, on the threat. Lumens are cool. Candela is king. It’s what get’s you home at night.

And OWL has almost twice as much as the nearest competitor.

Engineered for performance.

Get behind the gun, and you’ll instantly understand. OWL can do things the competitors simply can not do. Our warmer light temperature LEDs penetrate photonic barriers better. And it’s more useable to your eyes. Coupled with our custom electroformed reflector and power supply, you have a level of performance never before possible on a production weapon mounted light.

Seeing is believing when it comes to performance. So we had professional pictures taken. The camera was about 15 yards off the targets, between the weapon lights and the target. And then we just kept moving the weapon lights further away. This shows you the actual light on the target at those distances.




Weapon lights are exposed to the elements. Including water. If your light is not as submersible as everything else on your gun, it’s a liability. So OWL is waterproof. To levels others are not.

OWL submersion ratings far surpassed the goals for the project. We rate OWL for 200 feet of continuous submersion for 24 hours. So when it comes to waterproofing and submersion, the OWL is not the weakest link on your gun.

What happens if water gets into the OWL? Nothing. OWL has an isolated electrical system that’s sealed from water. It still works just fine if there is water in it. And you simply air dry it when able.

200 FT.


There are the ANSI/PLATO FL-1 standards. And then there are brutal tests that exceed them. OWL exceeds all ANSI/PLATO FL-1 standards.


Made here in the USA, on Haas equipment. With the highest level precision.


“Hardcoat” anodizing, Black Nitride, and even Gold-plating on conductive surfaces. No expenses spared. The highest level of corrosion resistance on the market.


Fully submersible to 200 ft of water for 24 hours. IPX8 rated.


There are testing standards. And then there are brutal tests that exceed them. OWL exceeds the standards.


Impervious to the elements.


We stand behind our products. If your OWL fails through any fault of ours during the course of normal use, we’ll fix or replace it, as need be.




For the first time, your battery selection dictates output and run-time. By using higher output batteries, you get more power. Lower output batteries get you more run-time. You now control the output and run-time to match your mission profile. Every OWL ships with 1 battery and a professional-grade charger. And please note that unlike it’s peers, OWL will produce useable light for at least 6 straight hours.

Samsung 30Q 18650 Battery

Maximum Output

SAMSUNG 18650 30Q

The 30Q battery gives you the highest output and capacity without sacrificing run-time.



The future is bright.